Why Grind? The Benefits of Using a Grinder for your Tobacco, Herbs, and More

Why Grind? The Benefits of Using a Grinder for your Tobacco, Herbs, and More

Many scour the internet in search of answers as to why using a grinder trumps using one’s hands or scissors to break down tobacco, herbs, or cannabis. If you are one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. Why grind? We are here to enlighten you on why using a premium grinder is the ultimate move on several counts.

why grind

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Grinders Provide Consistency

For one, grinders provide consistency in your smoking experience. The outcome will be the same every time; clean, evenly ground up herbs that can be packed tightly into whatever device you choose to smoke it out of.

Grinders Ensur Potency

Smoking enthusiasts can all agree that when it comes to smoking, potency is important. Luckily, with consistency comes potency.  Grinding preserves the quality of your herbs. High-quality, evenly ground-up pieces will provide a cleaner inhale and nice and even burn, so you don’t wind up having a coughing attack.

Grinders are Efficient

If you’re all about cutting corners and saving time when possible, it’s an obvious choice; grinders are efficient, quicker, and easier than breaking down anything with your own fingers. Save minutes of time, each time. Who doesn’t want to reduce stress where they can?

Grinders are Economical

Whatever you’re smoking, you can be sure that you’re not letting any go to waste when you select the grinding method to break up your stuff. As a result of using a grinder, you’ll more than likely start buying less of whatever it is you are smoking because you are breaking it down with more consistency, enabling you to pack it more tightly into a bowl piece or a rolling paper. Subsequently, you’ll be using less of the herb than you would if it was broken down another way where more oxygen can get in and cause the herbs to burn quicker. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Grinders Require Little Maintenance

Aside from the occasional deep scrub and 30-minute soak of your grinder in isopropyl alcohol to get rid of all the gunk, you won’t have to look after the cleanliness of your grinder much.

Grinders are Next Level

Most importantly, grinders are straight-up classier for your home and on the go. You want to be classy for your guests, don’t you? Heck, you should want to be classy even when no one is around. If you’re using your grinder to grind weed, grinders are a great way to catch the kief that falls through to your kief catcher. The kief has a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids in resin glands, which make for a great way to consume less cannabis but still feel potent effects. The kief is pure, THC-containing trichomes, which is the most potent part of the flower. Grinders are a great contraption to have in case you want to do some cooking with your cannabis and make a THC infused meal.

It doesn’t take much to showcase why grinders are convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving. Those who want to enhance their smoking experience every time without fail shouldn’t think twice about investing in a grinder. Depending on what you are smoking, you might even want to try a grinder with multiple chambers, as some have storage for herbs and a place to catch the kief. If you are a proud grinder, we’d love to hear in the comments why you think grinding your herbs is superior to breaking them down by hand!

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