What is a steam roller pipe?

A steamroller pipe is a type of smoking device commonly used for smoking dry herbs or tobacco. It consists of a cylindrical tube with two openings: one for the bowl and one for the mouthpiece. The bowl is typically located at one end of the pipe, while the mouthpiece is located at the other end.

The distinguishing feature of a steamroller pipe is the presence of a large open carburetor or air hole on the side of the pipe, usually near the bowl. This carburetor allows the user to control the airflow and intensity of the smoke. By covering the carburetor with a finger while inhaling and then releasing it, the user can create a rush of air that clears the chamber, providing a strong and direct hit.

Steamroller pipes are known for delivering potent hits due to their unrestricted airflow and lack of filtration. They are popular among experienced smokers who prefer a more intense smoking experience. However, it’s worth noting that the direct and unfiltered nature of steamroller hits can be harsh, so it’s important to use caution and moderation when using this type of pipe.

Pyptek is a well-known brand in the smoking industry, offering a wide range of high-quality glass pipes, including steamroller pipes. They are known for their durable construction and sleek designs. Pytek makes the Dreamroller which is a classic steamroller pipe that allows for a one-handed operation thanks to its spring-loaded carb. The length and diameter of the chamber itself provides space for the smoke to expand, so, the hits pack-a-punch but stays cool and smooth. The carb-function is outside of the air pathway so it’s never going to get gunked up or compromised. When you set the Dreamroller down it will auto-center itself, keeping potential spills to a minimum. Our Dreamroller is an all-glass smoking experience and breaks down, so it’s easy to clean. The ceramic bake-on-label ensures cleaning doesn’t tarnish the aesthetic of this piece. Its compact design has a comfortable grip.

The Fumo Pipe is a mini steamroller pipe. This palm-sized wonder is designed to deliver the ultimate rush with its spring-loaded Push-Carb System. Made from billet aluminum and stainless steel, this pipe is extremely durable. The Fumo Pipe is a mix between a pipe, water hookah, and steamroller. You light it like a pipe, clear it like a steamroller, and it can accumulate smoke volume like a water pipe. It’s absolutely mind-boggling and incredibly innovative! The smoke you inhale is never hot or harsh thanks to the billet body that cools it. What you load in the Fumo Pipe is what you taste, period. There’s a hidden stash compartment in the bottom of the billet pipe body to stash a small nugget or two or extra filter screens. This steamroller hybrid offers cannabis enthusiasts a solid construction and effective design. Any hand pipe that has a button for easy toking gets our vote and we think you’ll love it too!

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