The Twisty Grinder – Ergonomic and Innovative

The Twisty Grinder – Ergonomic and Innovative

You may think you have seen it all when it comes to grinders, but the Twisty Grinder from 7 Pipe offers some unique and beneficial innovations.

While all of our products at Premium Grinders are of the highest quality and offer exceptional performance, this beauty addresses issues that other grinders simply don’t acknowledge. Plus, its unique design and finish make it one of the most attractive grinders that we offer.

But, beauty only goes so far. The real magic of the Twisty Grinder is in the details.

Many people, especially as we get older, can suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage such as neuropathy, and other conditions that can make managing and using a typical grinder painful or even impossible. The flat bottom of the standard grinder makes it challenging to hold in your palm, and the small knob on the crank can be virtually impossible to handle for many. Due to these various conditions, it often takes more strength than these individuals can provide.

twisty grinderThe ergonomic design of the Twisty Grinder solves all of these problems. 

Instead of a flat bottom with edges that bite into your flesh, the Twisty Grinder base is rounded like a mason jar to fit comfortably and efficiently into your palm. That annoying little crank is gone, only to be replaced by four spokes that provide much more leverage and the ability to use your entire hand to turn the grinding blades—no more pinching that little stub between your thumb and forefinger.

This more manageable configuration allows you to effortlessly grind large quantities of material without the pain and frustration of the typical unit. It can also be easier to get a finer grind with the Twisty Grinder.

If you want finer material, you must invert your grinder to keep your product from prematurely falling through to the next level. The crank is hard to maneuver with the ordinary grinder in this position. The Twisty Grinder, on the other hand, with its ergonomic base and the unique four-spoke top, is comfortable and easy to use in any position.

Whether you prefer a standard grind or a more finely ground product, the lion’s tooth curved teeth from 7 Pipe deliver a cleaner and fluffier result than the usual diamond teeth found in other grinders.

Other benefits unique to Twisty Grinder include:

  • An Ultrahigh Micron Screen to Collect the Purest Pollen
  • A Deep Storage Compartment with a Mini Scooper
  • Strong Magnetic Closure to Keep Your Product Safe


The Twisty Grinder is exceptionally durable and designed for ease of use regardless of physical limitations. This exceptional tool is the perfect solution for individuals who find traditional grinders uncomfortable and challenging to use.

Not only is this the most ergonomically friendly and easy-to-use grinder on the market today, but the Twisty Grinder from Premium Grinders is also among the most elegant and attractive units we have ever seen.

Physical challenges or not, the Twisty Grinder from 7 Pipe is a terrific grinder for any enthusiastic smoker.

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