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Pyptek Nano Pipe

Prometheus Nano Chillum Pipe is made of borosilicate glass and enclosed in an anodized exosketon of alumium for protection.  Introducing the premier chillum-style glass pipe in the industry: The Pyptek Prometheus Nano. This singular design combines the discrete portability of a traditional glass one-hitter with the unparalleled durability of the Pyptek Prometheus system. Available in five prismatic colors, the Nano sets a new standard for style and utility.  Now you can enjoy smoking with glass with the security that your piece is protected.  This is the smallest of 3 sizes that Prometheus makes.  The nano measures 4" in length. The other sizes are the Pocket and the Titan.

Pyptek Pipes

Pyptek pipes are a high-end smoking device made with borsilicate glass and enclosed in a large exoskeleton metal to prevent the glass from easy breakage. The heavy weight of the metal makes this a free-standing glass pipe.