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Hybrid Laminated Wood and Glass Pipes

Laminated Hybrid Wood pipes with pyrex glass bowl and pyrex glass stem.

Jet Pal Pipe

The Jet Pal is an American handheld pocket pipe made of quality hardwoods. It has a stainless-steel bowl cover and a good storage compartment.

Monkey Pipe

Monkey Pipe. Original Authentic Monkey Pipe with monkey logo. Small portable wooden pipe hand made in Oregon, USA.

Padauk Hybird Wood Pipe

Laminated Paduck Wood pipes with swivel covered lid

The Mill Wood Concert Pipes

The Mill Wood Concert Pipes. Hand-carved pipes made with exotic woods from around the world. Each pipe has a swivel lid to cover your bowl cap. To use just turn the lid to the side, load your material, and light up. Very easy to load and use.

Wood Zeppelin Pipe

Wood Zeppelin pipes made with exotic wood and solid brass