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Glass Honeycomb Crutches

Honeycomb glass crutches These glass filter tips are created with high quality borosilicate glass in assortment of colors. Each crutch measures 3/4 inch. The glass crutches enable a smoother pull as there is 7 holes in each crutch.

Honeycomb Glass Bats

Honeycomb Glass Bats offers a glass chillum with a built-in 7-hole honeycomb screen made in the U.S. by Blazing Blue Glass

Honeycomb Glass Martini Slides

Honeycomb Glass Martini Slides with the built in honeycomb 7 hole glass screen.

Honeycomb Glass Screens

Original Honeycomb clear and assorted colors glass screens. Made from top quality borosilicate glass

Incredibowl glass repair kit

Incredibowl repair kits including the glass bowl, screens, and o-rings.

Quartz Banger Thermal

Original price was: $12.00.Current price is: $9.00.
Glass Quartz quality bangers, quartz dab bangers

Quartz Bangers 2mm

Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $11.00.
Glass Quartz Bangers. 100% clear crystal quartz bangers. We have a huge selection of quartz bangers in all sizes (10mm,