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Ryot Glass Storage Jars

RYOT Glass Jar with Silicone Seal and Bamboo Tray Lid or Walnut Wood Tray Lid is perfect for all your sealed glass jar needs. Ryot Glass Jars have an integrated Wood Rolling Tray Lid which provides a sealed and airtight storage. These jars will keep all your materials fresh. Not only is the lid made from sustainable bamboo or walnut wood, but it doubles as a rolling tray. Concerned about your health? RYOT’s versatile glass jar is BPA-free and contains a silicone seal.

Ryot Krypto Kits Fully Loaded

Ryot Krypto Kits fully loaded is a smell proof zipper wallet with a spring bat, rolling papers and a poker all in one.

Ryot Stand Up Spoon Pipe

Ryot Stand Up glass spoon pipe is constructed with a thick wall of glass and has a good flat bottom to lay flat.  No more spills with the glass pipe.

Ryot Walnut Wood Rolling Tray

Ryot Walnut Wood Rolling Tray is a quality walnut glossy tray with one-inch sides all around.

Ryot Wood Twist Taster Cigarette Bats

Ryot Wooden Taster Twist Cigarette Bats with digger tip. These are twist wooden cigarette bats that will eject your ashes with a spring-loaded release.