Pipe Shopping in 2022

Pipe Shopping in 2022

You’ve officially almost made it through the end of the first month of 2022. Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the chaos that the world continues to bring. With so many added stressors from our surrounding environments, it only makes sense that we will need to unwind somehow, and sometimes even on the go. If hand rolls aren’t cutting it for you and if large smoking devices seem to be a little inconvenient, you might want to consider shopping for a pipe.

If you come to find that you are in the market for a handheld smoking device that can fit into a small purse, wallet, or pocket, we’ve got a few state-of-the-art portable pieces in stock that are sure to deliver a pristine smoking experience, no matter where you are. 

Genius Mini black or silver

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a sleek, high-tech device that is slim enough to fit in your pocket. It is a classy and smooth contraption that is composed of three parts, all of which effortlessly slide apart during cleaning. The magnetic force field at the bottom of the device holds the pieces securely in place, and the outer cover keeps the materials protected when not in use. 

The Genius pipe is a simplistic yet powerful tool that provides a smooth smoking experience (and you’ll look cool smoking it too). Due to the nature of the design, your rips will be clean, and you won’t have to worry about coughing after inhaling. 

The metal ridges within the pipe are Genius’ signature design–patented the Dimple-Surface-Design, which makes for simplified cleaning, too. Maintenance simply requires a nice long soak in alcohol and warm water for a thorough clean.

Fumo Pipepipe shopping

The Fumo Pipe gives off a more playful look and feel than the Genius, with color options of black, blue, red,  green, gunmetal, pink, and purple. It lies within the same price range as the Genius pipe, however, it hits more like a steamroller than a vape. 

The material within the pipe is constructed of CNC billet aluminum, designed to cool your smoke as you inhale, so it is never harsh or burns on your esophagus. The attached screen runs through a passivation process, enabling your smoke to come out clean and free of any overpowering tastes of metal. 

This indestructible piece gives you total control of how much power is being generated with the simple push of a button on the carb. This allows you to accumulate smoke volume similar to that of a water-based smoking device. If you’re looking to get baked or achieve large inhalations of smoke effortlessly, this handheld tobacco and weed device will do the job with flying colors.

Journey 2 Pipe

If you’re searching for a high-grade pipe at a low cost, the lustrous Journey Pipe might be right up your alley. The price point is more agreeable for those who don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles or sophisticated add-ons. It comes in four different finishes–gold, silver, gunmetal grey, and black, with a compact carrying case to keep it from rubbing up against other objects or getting damaged. 

Like the Genius, the Journey is a 3 part magnetic metal pipe, though the Journey does not possess a screen. The materials are non-toxic and designed to avoid bacteria build-up. Journey’s simplistic frame makes the cleaning process straightforward and supplies nice clean tokes.

With so many remarkable options out there, it can be difficult to narrow it down to one. We hope this shortlist was helpful in guiding you to make a selection for a new handheld! No matter what piece you decide on, we know you’ll find it a pleasurable experience.

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