Do you need to grind your cannabis flower?

If you are a regular cannabis smoker or are planning on smoking cannabis for the first time, you must have thought about this question at least once:

Do I really need to grind flower before smoking it?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward.

YES!  You must grind your flower before you smoke it. Grinding flower not only enhances the smoking experience but also has some health benefits attached to it. Even more so, if you are a regular smoker, you need to grind it for more accessible storage.

So, without further ado, let us look at all the reasons why grinding weed is necessary.

Benefits of Grinding Cannabis Flower

There are plenty of benefits to grinding weed. These are some of the more popular ones.

1. Save Time

The first significant benefit of using a grinder is the fact that you save a lot of time. Using a grinder, especially an electric one, saves you a lot of time as compared to doing it manually. When it comes to the super sticky buds, it can be really annoying to break them down by hand. Moreover, the time saved is especially noticeable when you have to make several joints at the same time or if you roll joints very frequently throughout the day.

2. Slower Burning Joints

Unlike the cannabis that you break down manually, using a grinder keeps the weed consistent and fine. Not only does this help roll a better joint, but it also allows the joint to burn slower, so you can enjoy it for a longer time. The tighter the joint is (which is only possible by fine grinding it), the slower it will burn.

3. Improves The Potency Of The Herb

For the majority of cannabis enthusiasts, this is the deal maker. The trichomes, which are tiny hair-like structures on the plant that give the bud that frosty aesthetic, can easily stick to your hands if you grind them manually. So, by using an electric grinder, you maintain the herb’s potency and enjoy the flower as it is meant to be enjoyed.

4. Better Portability

You can carry cannabis around in little storage containers so you can use it later on. However, you need to grind the weed before you can store it. There are several metal grinders that allow you to store cannabis for as long as you want. So, not only is ground cannabis easier to carry in containers, but grinders themselves can be used as containers for your cannabis.

5. Ground Flower Is Preferable For Baking

Cannabis is not only used in joints, but many people prefer them as edibles as well. However, if you already didn’t know, ground cannabis is much better for baking as it spreads evenly in the mix and gets heated accordingly as well. So, suppose you are a fan of cannabis edibles. In that case, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a herb grinder, preferably an electric one!

6. It Even Tastes Better

Smoking ground cannabis also helps take out its natural flavors from its terpene profile. Some people only care about getting high. However, many enjoy an enhanced smoking experience due to the improved flavor and taste of ground weed.

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Can You Use Your Hands To Break Cannabis Plant Instead of Grinding?

Nobody wants huge herbs that burn unevenly. It really takes away the pleasure of smoking a joint. Even more so, breaking flower with your fingers takes away a lot of its potency and leaves you with sticky fingers. Here are two of the main reasons why it is not preferable to break weed using your hands instead of a grinder.

1. It Leaves You With Sticky Hands

The first and most obvious reason is that when you use your fingers to break down the weed, it leaves them really sticky, which can be annoying. Also, it hinders your ability to roll the joint conveniently and leaves your fingers smelling like marijuana. Why waste time cleaning your hands again and again just to roll a single joint when you can do it easily and quickly with the help of a grinder?

Also, grinding flower with a grinder allows the cannabis to be much more consistent as compared to grinding it with your fingers. Consistent cannabis flower is vital for the perfect joint.

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